About Us

Have you ever found yourself staring at your kitchen counter drawing an absolute blank on what you should make for dinner?

Have you stood over your wondering if there’s something out there to help you make your BBQ experience a little easier?

Or worse, have you ever spent your hard earned money on a product that looked great on a website but turned your meal into a total mess?

We have, and that’s why we started Platelligence.

Platelligence is website with a list of the best products and services for people who want to improve their home cooking, whether they are burgeoning pit masters, aspiring home chefs or just plain hungry.

We research, compare and, when possible, physically test a wide variety of kitchen and cooking-related products and services. In addition to our own research, we scour the net and social media to analyze customer reviews to help find out what matters and how things performed to regular families in the real world.

What are these affiliate commissions all about?

Platelligence is reader supported. If our readers make a purchase from the links provided on the site, we may receive a commission from the company or retailer we refer you to. It’s another way to support the work we do, and we’d rather do that than show you tons of ads.

That said, we take pride in that it doesn’t effect our editorial policies.

The reason why is pretty simple – if our readers return or cancel their purchase within a certain time, we don’t get paid. That is a pretty good incentive to keep us honest and recommend only products that meet a high standard of customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Writing Team

Greg Fowler – From Ginza Marys to Bloody Aztecs to cool Kriek lambics, Greg has served it all working first as a bartender and then as part of a craft beer company. Our go to guy for all things alcohol, when he’s not on the clock he’s usually working on his next batch of home brewed lager.  

Bill Ross – A pitmaster and smoker enthusiast, Bill served up delicious brisket and ribs for almost 15 years around the great state of Florida before becoming our go-to expert for all things BBQed, smoked and/or marbled. When he’s not checking the bark on his brisket, he can usually be found fishing or reading. 

Steph Acevado Having previously worked as a line chef for almost 5 years, Steph is our go-to expert for all things food and meal prep related and is a self-described knife nerd. When she’s not helping people learn to prepare exquisite dinners at home, she’s probably serving up some hot pockets for her twin boys or jogging with her pup Moose around her house in upstate New York.

I want something reviewed

If you have an cooking product or service that you want us to take a look at it, feel free to let us know by email and we’ll make sure to take a look.

Feel free to let us know how we’re doing while you’re at it.